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Good professionalization tips for Indians in Corporate world

Commenting on lecturers, teasing friends, discussing about a friend behind him, it's all gone in college days just like a fun.

Whereas, when you entered in this current corporate world total atmosphere is quiet different. Earlier what you have done in college days is excusable but here this scenario won't work at your job place. Thinking about that also makes you fool.

Enjoy with your colleagues it should be look like in decent manners. Always check your self behavior and think once what you have did, and how you're behaving with your colleagues. Check whether your colleagues disturbed with your comments, personnel commenting are bad manners in your part it will down your relationship with your colleagues. Don't make unnecessary enemies in your office with your rude-harsh-irresponsible behavior. Whether it is your boss or your colleague don't enter into their cabins without permission, just knock the door before you enter into their section.

Always use 'Thank you', Excuse me, Sorry, type of respected words in your conversation. Cell phone conversation should be in clear manners so that opposite person can understand.

If you're busy in your work then it is better to switch-off your mobile.

Make to habit use very decent ring tones for your mobile; don't use irritable ring tones, due to this don't give a chance to others get a bit bad impression on you.

Lending of money from your colleagues is not a good manner. If you think in urgent situation I have taken amount, so guys it is better to repay the due amount quickly to you're colleague. So that whatever the good impression on you will remain and continue the same.

At office timing avoid totally few items just like chewing gum, cigars, and pan masalas.

If you follow the above tips, then definitely you will reach you're goals very immediately without any trouble with your friendly nature with your colleagues.

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