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How BOSS is always Danger ?

I have Qualifications

I have Creativity

I have good talent

Whatever you say but only one thing is always right

Your boss says 'I have management' every one will clap on his ideas and decisions, because he is BOSS.

BOSS is always powerful. Whatever he says is right, whatever he do is right, whatever he thinks is right.

You may not be like yours boss face, you doubt about his talent, you think what type of creature he is, it should be in ZOO, a creature sitting in a boss cabin wearing suit, whatever it may at last he is your BOSS. You have to obey his orders and according to him only you have to work. It is yours responsibility to work according to your boss, forcibly you have to bear his stupidity. Don't raise his stupidity in front of him. In any discussion don't argue with your BOSS. If yours BOSS have bad impression on any person then don't move very closely in front of him it will bring some sought of negativity on you in your boss mind.

So, guys you have to remember few things to make your self a professional.

Move very closely with your boss

Don't argue with your boss

If you feel his decision is wrong then convince him in what way it is right

Don't raise his stupidity in front of him

Simply obey his orders and follow according to him

Feel yours responsibility

There will be king for one city or country but he is not the supreme, king of king is GOD.

If have any innovative ideas then pass it to yours organizations supreme boss, he will also know how capable your, otherwise it might lead to goes credit to yours stupid BOSS.






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